How my team and I create Energy Freedom Talking Points, and new opportunities to work with us
As people look for solutions to this crisis, it is crucial that the right people get implicated: anti-fossil-fuel leaders
Anti-fossil-fuel politicians tried to discredit my Congressional testimony on energy security this week using 100% false personal attacks. They failed…
My testimony to the House Oversight Committee on March 8, 2023
Talking points on: the benefits of fossil fuels; myths about fossil fuels; climate; extreme weather; solar
Most climate scientists agree that we have some climate impact. This does not at all justify the rapid elimination of fossil fuels.
Introduction Upon learning that I considered his recent comments on my book Fossil Future to be a severe distortion of the book’s conclusion and…
President Biden is evading responsibility for the consequences of the anti-freedom, anti-development, anti-fossil-fuel policies he has supported.
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Energy Talking Points by Alex Epstein