For all of us that seek the truth and climate reality.. great work!!

We have some optimism that this NetZero nonsense will be over soon…

I now see many scientists and policy strategists declaring that climate change is not an emergency and any CO2 mitigation is foolish.

We also need the climate advocates and alarmists to be forced by law to take re-education on climate science, as they are not only misrepresenting science, but also the bulk of the population.

The bulk of the populations in North America are learning the facts and are turning away from the crazy NetZero journey. In Canada where I live we now have a new poll that shows 85% of Canadians don’t want a NetZero journey. https://epaper.nationalpost.com/article/281659669673268

It will certainly require a change in government on both sides of the border before we get climate reality back into our policies, as the current governments have no way back from their crazy policies and need to be forced out for the good of both nations.

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Dear Alex

I believe the article at


would interest you. I am the author of this article. Before being published in his blog, this article was peer-reviewed by Ed Berry, PhD, theoretical physics who is Certified Consulting Meteorologist #180 for American Meteorological Society.


Terry Oldberg

Engineer/Scientist/Public Poolicy Researcher

Los Altos Hills, Ca



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