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Imagine if-

-The Titanic hit an iceberg today

-Sacramento was buried by unprecedented flooding (as it was in 1862)

The Biden administration would declare these events the result of climate change-and claim the costs were due to “fossil fuel” companies “externalizing” the cost of CO2 emissions- and claim these costs were “subsidy” to the oil companies.

Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to place “excess profit” taxes on Exxon Mobil and oil companies. She conveniently omits that XOM was once a Dow stock- but was removed because of lack of profitability. Exxon Mobil’s profit margin is 4.9% of sales today. Microsoft, Apple,Facebook and Google all make gross profit margins in the 25%-30% range. Either Exxon has somehow changed in the face of A Democrat House, Senate, and President, or else Sen. Warren is trying to deflect attention from the politicians willful strangulation of American supply. (No comment on whether she has yet demanded abortion clinics on Indian reservations)

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