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Powerful piece, @Alex! A few quibbles:

Not all of the observed warming since 1850 is due to greenhouse gasses. The IPCC claims it is more than half, skeptical scientists such as those who comprise the NIPCC claim less than half. The debate is ongoing. Surely a good part of the warming is natural as the planet recovers from the 300 to 500-year "Little Ice Age" that ended around 1850, just as weather thermometers came into widespread use.

It is far from certain that the planet has warmed even by 1 degree C since 1850! Climate scientists and mathematicians claim to have been able to account for the well known "Urban Heat Island" effect whereby many thermometers that were formally in rural areas have had cities build up around them. The mathematics of this are subject to manipulation and to error. If we instead look only at the temperatures measured by the stations that have remained rural we see a smaller increase.

The mention of effectiveness for war, while accurate, will distract some readers and repel others, and it's not necessary for your argument.

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