Thanks Alex - super clear summary! Loved the book and recommended to a few people.

As part of my research into critical thinking tools, I have made a "steelman" of your main claims and mapped them out: https://atlas.mindmup.com/tomwalczak/alex_epstein_the_irrefutable_case_for_/index.html

If you have a minute to skim through and see if I got it right, that would be awesome ;)

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Love your work.

Comparing two things requires they be judged on the same basic metrics. Clearly solar and wind would not qualify or be in the same category/race as hydrocarbons.

To say we have an alternative plan requires necessarily the plans are on the same footing.

It’s a one legged man [solar & wind] versus a marathon runner [hydrocarbons].

2 Trees

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Hi Alex, I really like this article. I share it all the time. However, if I try to share using the blue "Share" button, it provides a link to a different article - pro human policy


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