This is a great summary of some key points. In measuring temperature, it all depends upon your starting point. Over Earth's human lifetime, we have seen many severe surges in cooling and heat. Even with today's modest level of likely anthropogenic warming, we're still lucky to be in a temperate sweet spot overall.

The other observation that really jumps out is how the media (e.g. Lancet) manipulates statistics to try to create a distorted picture of reality. This is the same Lancet that botched COVID coverage. And it calls itself a science journal?

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Aug 5, 2023·edited Aug 5, 2023

Alex - Excuse me if you have addressed this before but since you discuss heat versus cold related deaths and fossil fuel implications is there a reason you make no mention of deaths due to the particulate emissions from fossil fuel use. One recent study is mentioned here "Fossil fuel air pollution responsible for 1 in 5 deaths worldwide" https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/c-change/news/fossil-fuel-air-pollution-responsible-for-1-in-5-deaths-worldwide/

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I cover those issues thoroughly, see here. Also elaborated in Chapter 4 of Fossil Future.



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Thanks. Safe to say 1 in 5 is exaggerated. However, do you think any deaths are attributable to fossil fuel combustion products? If so, have you seen any good estimates on this that you can quote or do you think that no deaths are attributable to fossil fuel combustion products.

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