Great review of a commonly promoted but false economic forecast except in the extremely rare instances you acknowledge. As for the naive assumptions of reaching “net-zero” in any time frame I am always mindful of Prof. Simon Michaux’s discussion on Robert Bryce’s podcast. He pointed out (and I have seen no valid refutations of his thesis) that to meet the the energy transitions proposed by ?2050 would require the finding, extracting, and refining of 12 times the amount of copper that has been produced since the start of recorded human history 5000 years ago...yup, sounds eminently possible to me...sorry, not happening. Call your office Mr. Kerry!

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Great article

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Great work as always....

We all need everyone to face facts about Climate change and NetZero.

There are two separate questions……

Is there a Climate emergency that requires the NetZero action?


Even if the answer is yes.. can we meet NetZero, or even get close, without bankrupting our prosperity.

The answer Is NO to both!

There is NO climate emergency that requires anything more than some minimal adaption to a naturally warming planet that we have plenty of time to plan and undertake, and NO we cannot get even close to NetZero without bankrupting our prosperity.

We are being misinformed and mismanaged by a massive group think.

To discover the truth follow this link..



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The cost of wind energy does not calculate properly the inherent lack of reliability. My most vivid illustration of this is my experience of working cattle North of Amarillo “back in the day” after a hot hard day in very close contact with the cattle we came back to the house thinking of how good that shower would feel. My aunt meet us at t the door with a small basin of water and a wash cloth, saying “boys the wind didn’t blow enough to give us water for a showers so clean with this” We went to bed sticky with sweat, blood and cow poop. A lasting memory for sure.

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