I strongly suspect that humans would benefit from more CO2, not less. If there is no good evidence that increasing atmospheric CO2 is harmful (and I know of no such evidence) then there can be no good reason to intervene in energy markets to "capture" CO2. The entire enterprise is based on a swindle

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I agree with Jim Brown. We need more fossil fuels and C02, not less.

Alex, this sounds like an "about-face" on your part. Carbon capture is hideously expensive and completely unnecessary.

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I think he’s just saying there should be zero government subsidies influencing behavior one way or the other

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If you are those that worry about the need for CO2 carbon capture, PLANT A TREE!!!

carbon capture: this has to be the biggest waste to time, energy and resources.

Higher CO2 levels result in a greener planet, plants love it.

If CO2 went from 430 ppm to 860 ppm, there may be a 1 degree increase. AND now one would notice the difference...

ppm 40,000 - we humans exhale this amount with each breath

ppm 5000 - the threshold in submarines and spacecrafts where the 'alarm' sounds.

ppm 4000 - historical evidence over past 100 mil yrs as the high. the earth managed to live with.

ppm 1600 - level of CO2 in an auditorium with 100+ people

ppm 1200 - average commercial green house levels to promote faster growth

ppm 600 - average bedroom w/ door closed

ppm 430 - roughly todays CO2 level

ppm 200 - roughly CO2 levels in the middle of a field of crops.

ppm 180 - historical lows recorded

ppm 150 - PLANTS DIE!!!

Do you get the picture?

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