AlexAI — programmed to answer any energy, environmental, or climate question based on my thinking and work — is now available to the public on the iOS App Store!

What is AlexAI?

AlexAI is my custom chatbot that answers any energy, environmental, or climate question based on my thinking and work. AlexAI is based on the most advanced AI models available today, and builds on those models in ways that help it give unusually useful answers to your questions and queries. For example, AlexAI critically analyzes every question to identify its underlying assumptions, and will frequently challenge conventional-but-false assumptions.

For a detailed explanation of how we built AlexAI, read this writeup by my talented AI engineer, Tom Walczak.

How to access AlexAI

Anyone can access 3 free queries per month on the AlexAI iOS app. For full access, you can purchase a paid subscription on the App Store ($9/month) or a Premium subscription to Energy Talking Points on Substack ($9/month or $90/year).

AlexAI and ETP Premium are a bundle, so purchasing either grants you access to the other.

Get AlexAI on iOS

If you already have a ETP Premium Subscription, simply navigate to AlexAI on iOS or AlexAI online and click “Claim your AlexAI account.”

AlexAI on X

Under the handle @AlexEpsteinAI, AlexAI searches the Twitterverse daily for erroneous or misleading content from prominent accounts on energy, environmental, and climate issues — and generates clarifying tweets that explain the issue from a pro-human perspective.

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