Storing just 3 days of global energy would cost $590 trillion at Elon Musk’s current prices. And the panels would take up more space than all the…
The essentials of Part 1 of Fossil Future, in my own words
Instead of informing us with accurate science about gas stoves so we can make better decisions, anti-fossil fuel activists are distorting science
Republicans are promising a pro-energy agenda. Here are 4 essential topics they should take up.

December 2022

How I became the world’s leading champion of fossil fuels
The “green energy” movement is celebrating a technical breakthrough in nuclear fusion, in order to distract from the catastrophic consequences of its…
Today's grids are being ruined by systemic preferences for unreliable electricity. Congress should end these now.
"Net zero by 2050" policies would be apocalyptically destructive if fully implemented. They should be totally rejected in favor of energy freedom…
The hottest idea emerging from the UN's COP27 climate conference is "climate reparations." This is an immoral idea that Congress should reject.

November 2022

Here are talking points answering 12 of today’s most important energy questions for any energy-related discussions this holiday season.
We’re in an electricity crisis, with reliable power plants shutting down far faster than they are being built. The EPA plans to make things much worse.
The US is experiencing a dangerous shortage of diesel fuel. Blame our clueless anti-fossil-fuel politicians.