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Discussing Fossil Future with students from the John Locke Institute, Pt. 2

25 holiday Power Facts about energy and climate

Discussing Fossil Future with students from the John Locke Institute

The lesson of fossil fuel advocates' failure at COP 28: stop "Arguing to 0," start "Arguing to 100"

Gavin Newsom’s 10 favorite myths about energy and climate, refuted

COP28 should be the last COP

The 7 most important truths about our energy future

My discussion with Jusper Machogu at African Energy Week

My Speech and interview at African Energy Week

My Message to Leaders at African Energy Week 2023

OSU student protesters try to deplatform me—and fail

Bryan Caplan teaches Fossil Future — Part 2

How today's global anti-fossil-fuel agenda is crippling American small businesses

Every "net zero by 2050" myth, refuted

Bryan Caplan teaches Fossil Future — Part 1

Maui's wildfire tragedy caused by “green” policies, not warming

25 myths in the media's Idalia coverage

How I would debate energy and climate if I were running for President

Do Not Declare a “Climate Emergency”

How—and why—to defend coal

How to powerfully and accurately criticize the Biden Administration's energy policies

The myth of an overheated planet

The ultimate debunking of “solar and wind are cheaper than fossil fuels.”

Countering the world's rigged conversation about energy and climate

Myth: Solar and wind are helping save our grid from extreme heat

How to answer loaded climate questions

My fireside chat at Fossil Fueled: The Concert

Peter Thiel challenges Alex Epstein on Fossil Future (and other topics)

ETP in Action: My Q&A at Gettysburg College

"Green Energy" is neither energy nor green

My Stanford Law School experience

The Myth of Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The IPCC's perversion of science

An Earth Day discussion with me, Rick Perry, and the TX State Climatologist

Biden's 67% EV policy: a dictatorial attack on the American driver and the US grid

Fossil Fueled: The Concert—a landmark event

The limitless hidden costs of the IRA

How to Become an Energy Freedom Policy Architect

Holding the right people responsible for the global energy crisis


The proper, responsible use of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) vs. the Biden administration’s reckless abuse of the SPR

Some of my favorite talking points on energy, environment, and climate

The myth that "97% of climate scientists agree" about a climate crisis

How the establishment uses the “straw man” fallacy and the “soft man” fallacy to dismiss powerful challenges — the case of Tyler Cowen and Fossil Future

Talking points on Biden's State of the Union 2023

Peter Thiel, Palmer Luckey, and Alex Epstein discuss Fossil Future

Refuting the myth that just a small area of solar panels plus storage can power the world

Fossil Future, Part 1 — the "Alex Notes"

Calls to ban gas stoves are anti-science, anti-freedom, and anti-energy

4 energy hearings the House should hold